Gaddafi funeral video from Al Aan TV attracts global audience

Exclusive footage showing the secret funeral ceremony of Muammar Gaddafi, obtained by Al Aan TV, has now been viewed online by over 400,000 people and broadcast by news outlets across the globe.
Gaddafi's cleric Khaled Tantoush is seen in the video performing the Islamic funeral prayer Salat al-Janazah over three open wooden coffins. Al Aan says they contained the bodies of the deposed Libyan leader, his son Mutassim, and his defence minister Abu Bakr Yunis.
Following the sparsely attended ritual near Misrata, the corpses were buried in an undisclosed desert location at dawn on Tuesday (25 October), according to Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC).
Witnesses to the funeral included two of Gaddafi's captured cousins - the former leader of the People's Guard, Mansour Dhao Ibrahim, and Ahmed Ibrahim - said NTC spokesman Abdel Majid Mlegta.
Global media operations including CNN, the BBC, Washington Post, AP, Reuters, LBC, and the Daily Telegraph have all shown or published the exclusive footage obtained by Al Aan correspondent Jenan Moussa. It has attracted 400,000 views online so far via YouTube, in addition to millions of TV viewers around the world.
"Al Aan TV is proud to have this great scoop and to bring this video to the world," the Dubai-based Arabic broadcaster said in a statement.
"This is the culmination of a number of impressive achievements by Al Aan TV in reporting the Arab Spring uprisings. Now the conflict in Libya is over, Al Aan TV will continue to report on events there as the newly liberated country moves towards democracy."
In another first on 27 October, Al Aan TV ran an interview with Dr Osman Alzentani, the coroner responsible for the post mortem on Gaddafi's body. The broadcaster also showed exclusive footage of the corpse after the autopsy, carried out two days after the Libyan dictator's death.
Al Aan TV, which is owned by Tower Media, is available free to air across the Middle East and North Africa via the Nilesat and Arabsat satellites.