Spanish TV ads buck trends

Contrary to what is happening to the whole Spanish media sector in relation to advertising sales, television is still holding up according to Infoadex's latest report.
The study by the advertising consultancy recognises that even though TV advertising incomes have gone down by 7.5% in the first nine months this year, this still represents 1.635 billion worth of business. That said, success depends on specific types of television business.
Infoadex also revealed the full extent of in-the-clear investments which on a national level dropped a 5.3% over the three quarters to period, this meaning 1.441 billion. As for pay-TV channels the drop has been almost 6% and as for regional broadcasters 24.4% or 150.2 million.
All in all the share of the national in-the-clear TV's stays at 88.2% while that of regional broadcasters' goes down to 9.2%