90% of Freeview HD devices are TVs

10.45 Europe/London, October 27, 2011 By Julian Clover

Sales of Freeview HD product have passed the three million mark with the vast majority being TV sets.

According to figures released by the UK terrestrial platform, as of the end of June 18 million homes had Freeview, with 10.2 million on the main set, and 1.75 million connected to Freeview HD.
A total of 3.1 million HD televisions and boxes were sold, 90% of which were televisions. This has in turn resulting in manufacturers such as ADB pulling out of the terrestrial set-top market in the UK.
Ilse Howling, managing director of Freeview, said breaking through the three million barrier on HD was a major achievement. “We’re seeing a shift in what viewers want from their TV provider. The ability to access high definition has become something people expect as normal when buying a new television. Also, most Freeview HDTVs and some Freeview+ HD recorders now offer smart features giving viewers access to more entertainment such as BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Facebook.”
Currently 80 per cent of the UK can receive HD through Freeview which will increase to the whole country when digital switchover is completed next October.