Skylink/CS Link strategy revealed

08.06 Europe/London, October 28, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

Details have emerged of the future strategy for the Czech and Slovak DTH platforms Skylink and CS Link, which have had a common owner Luxembourg-based M77 Group since September this year. The most important is arguably that they will operate as distinct services for the foreseeable future.

In a document published by Digizone and provided at a joint meeting of the platform and business partners, including SES, HBO and Humax, it was revealed that as of the end of September Skylink and CS Link had a combined 1,537,000 active cards in the Czech Republic and 663,000 in Slovakia.
In the Czech Republic, Skylink had 960,000 and CS Link 577,000 and claimed a combined market share of 85%. There, the other players included Digi and UPC Direct, with 180,000 and 81,000 subscribers respectively.
Meanwhile in Slovakia, Skylink had 565,000 active cards and CS Link 98,000 and claimed a combined market share of 67%.
Digi, UPC Direct and Magio Sat had 240,000, 40,200 and 45,000 subscribers respectively.
There will be no changes to the basic business models employed by the two platforms and the programme packages they offer, with Skylink aiming for more upmarket customers through HD channels and CS Link targeting price-sensitive clients.
The MPEG-4 standard will be used for SD as well as HD services by both platforms.