Clarke-Xtrend Support Image V3

This image is based on Linux 3.03. Therefore it requires the latest bootloader 30.09.2011!
and first install procedure necessary for the Linux 3.03 based openpli et9x00 image.

Also important - please read the Readme in CT Panel for image use instructions

Clarke-Tech Enhancements for the completely modular Image

- Clarke-Xtrend HD Lava Skin with pig (picture in graphic) in many menus
- Clarke-Xtrend Bootlogos and Radio Logo
- Clarke-Xtrend Panel

Please see attached Screenshots for a short overview of all Parameters

- Best Sysinfopanel (complete overview of systemparameters)
- HDMI-CEC Support via Plugin
- WLAN fixes and support for 80211b/g/n Ralink, Realtek, Carl based USB-Dongles (rt2800USB, rtl871x, AR9170)
- Running "broken" Shellscript (as Cronjobs) will work
- Acousticpatch (needs a HDD that supports acoustic parameter consult HDD manufacturer for this)

-Clarke-Xtrend Webbrowser HbbTV. This image fully supports the unique Webbrowser HbbTV for more info
see the readme or visit our forum.
-Daemon Manager. For information - a daemon is a computer program that runs in the background. The daemon requires a start/stop script - the script must be executable (chmod 755), placed in /etc/init.d and the name must start with "dmon."
Switch Mode You can choose the way you want the Main Menu to be displayed choose between "text, icon or scroll".
Please change it in Settings / System / Customize / mainmenu list option

- CT News Feed
Clarke-Xtrend FEED Contents :
- Driver
- Games
- picons
- Plugins
- Setting
- Skins
- systemPlugins
- Update

Plugins added


Specialised version of MultiQuickbutton for Clarke-Tech ET9000 can be downloaded from CT feed.

1. Zurück <: Zap History -
2. Vor >: Zap History +
3. Farbtasten
Rot (lang):
Grün: Auswahl Optionskanäle
Grün (lang):
Gelb: Audio-Einstellungen
Gelb (lang):
Blau: Erweiterungsmenü
Blau (lang):
4. GUIDE: Programmübersicht
GUIDE (lang):
5. INFO (i): Programmübersicht
INFO (i) (lang):
6. MENU (Lang):
7. EXIT: Infobar
8. OK: Infobar
9. Steuerkreuz
Runter: Kanalliste
Links: Sender zur\'fcck -
Rechts: Sender vor +
Auf: Kanalliste
10. VOL. +/-: **
11. P+: Kanalliste
P-: Kanalliste
12. Filelist: Aufnahmen
Filelist (lang):
13. Playlist:
Playlist (lang):
14. zurückspulen << :
15. vorspulen >>:
16. Play/Pause >II: Starte Timeshift
17. REC: Aufnahmemenü
REC (lang):
18. Slowmotion I>: ***
19. Stop: Stoppe Timeshift
20. Timeshift: Starte Timeshift
Timeshift (lang): Stoppe Timeshift
21. search:
serach (lang):
22. Mark:
Mark (lang):
23. Timer:
Timer (lang):
24. Vkey: Aufnahmen
Vkey (lang):
25. PIP: Bild in Bild
PIP (lang): Tausche Bild in Bild
26. TEXT: Teletext
TEXT (lang):
27. subtitle: Untertitel
subtitle (lang): Untertitel-Einstellungen
28. AUDIO: Audio-Einstellungen
AUDIO (lang):
29. TV: TV
TV (lang):
30. Help (lang):
31. RADIO: Radio
RADIO (lang):

Special thanks:

pcd (Main Developer)
wallie2000 (Image-Support)
All Betatesters (Coolman, CoolST, icewaere, csm, dispatcher, tam2010, z-pg-3, Biki3, janosch )
mogli123 (MQB).
Pedro_newbie (image backup plugin)
Pli team (for the image background code)
All the other code developers and plugin developers
a big thanks to ClarkeBoss