EDG-Nemesis 2.3 SVN ( 095r6 ) -DM800SE-SSL84a
Backup By AYBERK( 29.10.2011 )

Caution: Only Sim 2:01 Clone DM800 HD SE devices.

When you install this backup;

* An existing menu will be in Turkish.

* CCcam Serverinizi Yarayan keep track of Latest Version "CCcam Info 1.3c" will have been installed.
.. All Plugins Board Required

TSPanel 3.9 (in s Addons Panels)
Updated MyTube, YouTube files works fine.
Installed Filebrowser.
New Menu 3.0 Installed.
Installed VLC Player.
As Set Up Service Installed startPI. (Opening and Closing Kanalınızı Identification)

* Tuner (Simple - fixed);

1-Turksat 42E
2-Hotbird 13E
3-EutelW3 7E
4-Astra 19.2E

Regulated in the form of the current channel list, but all other satellites installed.

Turksat 42E
39E Hellessat
Astra 28.2E
Arabsat 26E
Astra 23.5E
Astra 19.2E
16E EutelW2
Hotbird 13E
EuroBird 9E
7E EutelW3
Sirius 4.8E
Thor 1W
Amos 4W
Nilesat 7W
Hispasat 30W

Sprays, respectively, for the satellites you do not have to delete the key controller Up / Menu / Selected Channel - Bouquet of Non-Satellites Clear Clear saying.

* Thin and Small Detail Settings Yapıldı.Saat Ayarlandı.Açılış ATV HD set is to be opened.
* Changed by bootlogo created for yourself.
* Covering your current channel list I prepared 15 Satellite Channels Added all incoming Yüklendi.Satellites.xml Güncellendi.Yeni.
* Display Settings Done.
CCcam 2.2.1 * Installed and adjusted as to be opened automatically.
* CCcam ECM ECM Times Time Düzeltildi.Bu way to demonstrate not have a problem.

May you use it