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Thread: ODS4000V rescan for new chanels! Help

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    ODS4000V rescan for new chanels! Help

    Does anybody know please help me!

    My opentel ODS4000V is locked. The cable company locked the SCAN FOR NEW CHANEL function and the serial port. Now I can do some thing only on the Jtag.

    I really like to use it for several FTA chanels. But I can not.

    Does any body know:
    Where to get the firmware for it?
    Can I use ODS4000FTA for that reciver?

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    Re: ODS4000V rescan for new chanels! Help

    To be careful when buying Opentel receiver!

    I had bought an Opentel that is ODS4000V. Because of the first time buying that, so I didn’t know that it can not scan for new channel, add new satellite, add new frequency.

    It can not be upgrade new software by the computer; the serial port is locked. So that, now the smartcard is expired then I can only through it away. I cannot use it for any other channel.

    I also wrote many emails to the cable supplier asked for help but they say nothing. I also wrote many email to Opentel Company and I got many answers but all of them are “We have no support to upgrade for the new software. We have no published the firmware” so that is very clear. That is their business way. Only sell to get money and don’t care any thing about their product.

    After many emails, no way to answer me, a member of Opemtel company send me a zip file ( and said that for opentel upgrade software and firmware. But after unzip it I have just known that is not for ODS4000V. It is only ODS3000F and ODS3000CI. It is very funny!!!

    I ask the cable supplier again and get the answer like that: Why do you buy it? Through it away and buy another one!

    So I think that, any people going to buy the new receiver should be careful with ODS3000, ODS4000. You may get the same situation. So it better that to look for the other kind of receivers first. If there is no other label then think about Opentel!

    I hate Opentel. The most things in our universe that I hate are Opentel!!!!!!

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