Connected TV and 3D sets boom in Germany

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 29-10-2011
TV set manufacturers expect a strong Christmas sales period in Germany. Connected TV sets and 3D models are particularly high in demand, reports industry association gfu.
The market researchers have increased their prognosis for the sale of 3D TV sets in 2011 by 30%: 1.3 million sets will by sold by the end of the year.
For models with large screens, 3D is already practically a standard feature. For example, out of the TV sets with screen dimensions of more than 50 inches (127cm) sold in June 2011, 79% of the turnover was made with 3D sets. In the category between 43 and 49 inches (109-124cm), the 3D turnover share amounted to 57%.
The market data also shows the trend towards connected TV sets. In the category of TV sets with screens of more than 50 inches, internet-capable models contributed to over 90% of turnover in June 2011. In the 43-49 inch category the share was 74%.
The HbbTV standard continues to gain market share: While in January 2011, only 28% of all connected TV sets with a retail sale price above €2,000 supported HbbTV, their share rose to 61% in June 2011.