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Thread: Nvidia PureVideo Decoder Platinum v1.02-196 keygen

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    Nvidia PureVideo Decoder Platinum v1.02-196 keygen

    This is the latest purevideo decoder codec from nvidia. You don't have to have an nvidia video graphics card to use but it helps immensly. Any nvidia purevideo decoder doesn't like anything with armadillo protection (it thinks it's being debugged and shuts down and unregisters itself) So if you are using something like a legit version of MyTheatre-pass this up! Running a cracked version of MyTheatre is great because the armadillo protection is stripped out...hence no debugging. This decoder blows all previous versions of pruevideo away! Enjoy!

    Installation: Download the trial codec here: Do not follow their information on installing with their info provided. Run nvidia setup, then use the provided keygen to register (caution: you can change name and e-mail but DO NOT change the 2005 in the last 4 digits of credit card window!) I'd click generate a few times to get the first few generates out to a different one. Don't forget to add "codec serial" to registry with the keygen (you'll see the button to add value to registry at the bottom of the keygen. If you want to use with MyTheatre or whatever create a "graph" with graphmaker or graphedit then import the graph into your MyTheatre "graphs" folder. Cheers!

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    Re: Nvidia PureVideo Decoder Platinum v1.02-196 keygen

    Thanks man . . . this is something I was searching for . . .

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    Re: Nvidia PureVideo Decoder Platinum v1.02-196 keygen

    New version: v1.02-223

    Use above keygen..leave name, e-mail, and last 4 digits of cc at the default user then generate new activation, add codec serial to registry. Cheers!

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