Latin Media Corporation grows in Malaysia

I˝aki Ferreras ęRapidTVNews | 30-10-2011

Latin Media Corporation is about to shoot its third co-production in Malaysia.
The US Latin company will co-produce a telenovela with the Malaysian channel RTM called Solamente t˙.. sofea Hannah (Only you... very-ugly Hannah).
The telenovela follows the story of Sofea Hannah, a young woman in charge of running a shop with her cousins, Marisa and Hafiz. Yet, Sofea is the only one of the three that is still single and has gained a reputation for rejecting every candidate that comes her way. Everything changes when the handsome and charming neighbour, Arif, steps into her life. Sofea is doubtful about Arif, who will do everything it takes to conquer her with the help of Marisa and Hafiz.