Online video ad opp rises

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 31-10-2011

New research has found that online video content owners and distributors have greater advertising revenue opportunities as viewer acceptance of the medium increases.
The key to the enhanced opportunity to, according to video advertising monetisation technology provider Auditude, is due to the increased ability of providers to offer TV-like commercials within online video.
Completion rates of ad breaks streamed within live content jumps significantly, compared to those within video-on-demand content. Survey data shows that the completion rates of ads on live content are significantly higher compared with video-on-demand content 86% and 60% respectively.
Auditude concludes that this suggests that live content actively engages viewers who know that they may not see that content again after its current availability and, therefore, are more willing to sit through digital commercial breaks.
Mid-roll video ads were found to have the highest (75%) completion rates as viewers are watching long-form content that they have likely committed to seeing through completely.
The report also indicates that video publishers, content owners and distributors can increase revenue potential based on viewer acceptance of ads in premium content. Content type, length of video stream, ad format and placement all affect viewers' response to ads.
"With the growing distribution of IP-based video content on desktops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and other devices, we see strong cross-platform revenue opportunities within digital video...Content owners and distributors can create a highly-engaging ad experience in online video that closely resembles what is present on television," said Jeremy Helfand, CEO of Auditude. "This provides tremendous opportunities to maximise the value of digital video content and make it available to audiences no matter how they are accessing that content."
The full report is available on Auditude's site at