Gemini4.70 Skin blueline Zapstream vlc web-x-tv Ok Mod KAMINERO

Last updated image Gemini 4.70 for Dreambox DM 500 gp

Hold the knife in the original image and the original

Add property Zapstream VLC and Web-X-Tv

Do not connect any emo, leaving the choice

To keep the image area to a more stable

Emo and download all the servers added in the image

And the integration of modern blades SoftCam.Key file, and add a very modern satellite 14/10/11

You can also change the shape of the channels by pressing the help ok

Improve property Alltkst _teletext ok

Enlarge font for menus and program names, etc ...

English Arabic French _ _

Many additives, of course, in the heart of the image;

Here are some of the saccharin-shot:

Lugo original bots