Problem with Xtrend ET9000 Twin Tuner HD PVR DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver:
Ordered this receiver a few weeks ago. It had a big problem searching for satellites both via Diesq 1.2 & USALS; could only tune Astra2 (28.2E). Eventually the motor burnt up while searching for Hispasat (30W); cost me 120 to replace. The vendor (WOS) did take it back but claimed there were scratches on the back by HDMI port & charged me: 15% Re-stocking fee = 50.85, 2% Credit card charges = 6.78, Original shipping cost = 7.50, Total charges = 65.13 out of original selling price of 339.00 so I ended up getting 273.87. If you subtract the 120 for motor, that leaves me with 153.87. In all a wholly unsatisfactory experience. The matter was not helped by the fact that there are very few programs to use it for Mac (as opposed to PC). I would be interested to hear if anyone else had a similar experience with the Xtrend or this seller. Happy to be PMd re this.

Current system: Spiderbox SB9000 HD Combo, 89 cm Triax antenna, Fortec Star monobloc (dual) LNB, Diesq 1.2, Glasgow.