Manchester United matches account for half of global EPL TV audience

Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 03-11-2011

Matches featuring Manchester United account for almost 52% of the English Premier League's entire television audience worldwide, according to Sportingintelligence.
The collective global TV audience for football's most exciting league is now said to be 4.7billion, according to German research consultancy SPORT+MARKT; with 3.9 billion watching matches at home, with a further 777 million watching in pubs, bars and restaurants.
Meanwhile, new data prepared by independent consultants for Manchester United puts the club's total global TV audience per season at 2.424 billion, says Sportingintelligence. This figure apparently equates to 51.8 per cent of the Premier League total.
On average 64 million TV viewers around the world tune into matches in which the Premier League champions Manchester United play, according to the new research.
This, and the SPORT+MARKT figures, relate to viewers watching the football matches live on television, plus on highlight shows or as repeats.
"United are the number one club by viewing by a very clear margin," Kevin Alavy of Future Sports + Entertainment (a division of international analysts Initative) is quoted as saying by Sportingintelligence.
"Across many years its clear United have the biggest share of the Premier League TV audience," Alavy added. "The SPORT+MARKT report and our own research no doubt use slightly different methodologies but their totals don't surprise me. United having a large share of the global figure is entirely in line with what we know."
It has also emerged this week that Manchester United is building an own brand social network and media outlet for the club's 500 million strong international fanbase. Marketing magazine reports that the new platform will host multimedia content, including exclusive player interviews and other video content from MUTV.
Social media was embraced last year by Manchester United, which now has 20 million fans on Facebook – more than any other Premier League club