Raystream aims to end buffering for Netflix and other online video

MIchelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 03-11-2011

Any Netflix Watch Instantly subscriber can tell you that the most frustrating part of the service is the buffering that delays or freezes a video stream being delivered across the open Internet. Looking to tackle the problem is Raystream.
The Texas-based company has launched a new compression technology to reduce the size of HD video files for lower-bandwidth environments, without, it says, a loss of quality or clarity. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI), by the end of 2011, online video will become the largest single Internet traffic category. Further, Cisco says, by 2015, as much as 90% of Internet traffic will be video data. If those predictions hold true, video quality will be a supreme differentiator for content companies battling it out in the space.
Raystream’s proprietary compression technology is claimed to be able to shrink the bandwidth required to stream HD video up to 90% with an average compression of 70% it says. That translates into decreased bandwidth costs for content providers, and a better quality of experience across TV, computer screen, tablet or mobile device.
“Only so much information can travel over even a high-speed Internet connection at one time," said Raystream CEO Brian Petersen.” Because video files are so huge -- especially HD video files -- they often take several minutes to load, then stop or buffer while playing. But with Raystream, viewers get a crystal-clear, sharp video that begins instantly and streams smoothly, without stopping, buffering or reloading."
“Online HD videos present an amazing marketing and communications opportunity for businesses, but no one wants to wait several seconds or even minutes for a video to load; and customers aren’t going to sit around and wait for a video that stops and buffers.”