70% of US web users watch online video each week

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 03-11-2011

A survey by Burst Media has found that over seven tenths of web users watch online content in a typical week and nearly a fifth have taken action after watching an online video ad.
The survey investigating online video content and advertising from the online media firm coincides with the launch of 12 new Internet video channels offering TV-style programming on a wide range of subjects, from food to fashion, celebrity gossip to gardening, health to How To.

The research conducted in October 2011 also found that almost two-fifths (39%) of all viewers spend between one and five hours per week with online video. Somewhat not surprisingly, men aged 18-34 were the heaviest consumers of online video content, with 19.7% saying they consume 10 or more hours of video on the web per week.
The survey also confirmed a growing trend towards professionally produced content gaining traction with online video viewers. Even though user-generated content accounted for nearly half of viewing, two-fifths (39.1%) of the survey indicated that they typically watch full-length television shows, movies and/or sporting events on the Internet. In addition a a quarter (25.5%) of online viewers watch news, sports and entertainment highlights of regular television programming online.
Of the types of online video viewed, comedy was the most popular form among all viewers (38.8%), followed by news (33.3%) and music (31.2%).
In what will come as hugely significant news to business owners, the survey also found that compared to standard display media on the web, viewers are more likely to interact and engage with online video. Nearly a fifth (18.2%) of all online viewers said they have taken an action based on what they saw within an online video advertisement. Moreover this was undertaken by a quarter (24.1%) of men in the key 35-54 age group as well as 22.1% of women in the same age demographic. Interestingly men aged 55 or older are the most likely group to take an action after viewing an online video ad.
Again confirming recent statistics, four-fifths (80.8%) of online video viewers say they also use the Internet while they are watching television. Almost half (49.0%) say they either always or often surf the web while watching, and only 14.3% say they never go online while watching television.
"Web publishers seeking to attract larger audiences and increase dwell time could benefit from incorporating video content into their sites, whether it's produced in-house or brought to the site via online video syndication services," said Burst Media Marketing Director Mark Kaefer. "Moreover, for online video advertising is an effective way for brand marketers to align their messaging with content that draws highly-engaged, targeted audiences at scale."