KyLinTV launches more Chinese HD channels in North America

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 04-11-2011

Chinese IPTV company KyLinTV has launched two more HD channels – KyLinTV Variety HD Channel and Kunlun Drama HD Channel as part of its KyLinTV package in North America.
The channels will soon be available in Latin America, Europe, Singapore, Taiwan and other South East Asia countries as well.
KyLinTV Variety HD Channel is an entertainment HD channel launched by KyLinTV this month. It includes entertainment news, fashion and culture, celebrity interviews, gala shows and concerts.
Kunlun Drama HD Channel offers a selection of costume dramas, contemporary dramas and action series.
With the addition of KyLinTV Variety HD Channel and Kunlun Drama HD Channel to the KyLin package, the total number of HD channels on Kylin2.0 has increased to eight channels with six other HD channels in the Great Wall package. From now on, all audiences on Kylin2.0 can watch HD channels, no matter which package they choose, with no additional cost.
KyLinTV president Duan Jianbing said: "We are very pleased to see the expansion of the HD channel line-up on Kylin2.0. With KyLinTV's unique advantages in technology, service and content, we will continue to maintain our leadership position in the IPTV sector and accelerate the widening of the footprint of premier Chinese TV channels and HD channels all over the world."