3DTV sales quietly growing in Latin America

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 04-11-2011

One in ten flat screens in use in Latin America by 2016 will incorporate 3D display technology, research from Dataxis shows.
From just a few dozens of thousands of devices in 2010, the region will end 2011 with 1.25 million units sold. While growth is projected to be moderate over the next few years, Dataxis forecasts there will still be just over four million 3D TVs shipped during 2016.
By then, the accumulated installed base of 3D sets since sales began in 2010 will be close to 15 million (10% of the region's flat screens). The bulk of these devices (71%) will be located in just two markets: Brazil and Mexico.
Mirroring similar trends seen in most other regions, the report suggests that a number of factors are hampering the uptake of 3DTV. One of them is the still high price tag that these products come with. Another one is the lack of 3D content.
"Migration to 3D technology is attractive for equipment manufacturers, but not for content producers, who are still reluctant to take part in an expensive business with uncertain returns," Dataxis highlighted in a statement.
"The experimental nature of content production, the lack of low-end 3D devices and the need to purchase additional accessories are restricting the widespread adoption of the technology," the analyst house noted.
At present in Latin America there are five different TV manufacturers with over 60 3DTV models on the market – nearly all of them featuring LED or LCD screen technology. Demand is stronger for large screen sizes, as shown by the fact that 70% of 3DTV models on sale come with 46in or larger screens.
Samsung was named in the report as the OEM currently offering the broadest choice of 3D models and screen sizes in the region, with 135 possible combinations.