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    Pioneer Programming

    ST20 C2 / C4 core Instruction set reference manual

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    Re: Pioneer Programming

    Media Highway : technology inside the digital decoders

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    Re: Pioneer Programming

    Introduction to Parallel Processing and the Transputer

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    Re: Pioneer Programming

    ST20 Assembler - Disassembler (C2/C4 Instructions)

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    Re: Pioneer Programming

    STI 5518 Datasheet

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    Re: Pioneer Programming

    Defiant is a program to edit the firmware of Pioneer, Strong, Philips, Asscom, Kenwood, Pace, Nokia and Sony decoders.

    Defiant v3.06

    1 Now you can open the asscom firmwares with a little modified structure (select the Asscom Firmware to open it, the common allcam asscom firmwares)

    2 Added firmware Strong 8100 Conax (Strong 8500)
    3 Found another little bug on Strong firmware, fixed
    4 Fixed some little bug in the script editor code
    5 Chaged some little choices in the HDL editor for Nokia 9701s
    6 Fixed bugs on Font that not allow to save some options
    7 EmbEditor completed, you can import, export, save new emb4p.prt files (it takes me a lot of time)
    Modification: Tideglo

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