New Jordanian TV channel
By Chris Forrester

Experimental transmissions have started of Jordanís Al-Yarmuk channel, according to BBC Monitoring. In a press statement, Waíil al-Saqqa, head of the Al-Yarmuk channel board of directors, said that the channel aims to present a sincere objective national media message that can be added to the diverse Jordanian media, so that it can contribute effectively in offering Jordanian citizens what they seek in various objective areas.

Al-Saqqa added that the channel seeks to contribute to making citizens aware of their rights and duties, while interacting with their national sense in a way that ensures their effective participation in the society, based on commitment to principles and rightful constants, adding that sharing the citizensí daily life struggles is one of the channelís top priorities.

Al-Saqqa stressed that the channel aims at highlighting Jordanís positive and civilized image by shedding the light on its accomplishments in various areas and arenas, and presenting the local aspects of progress in Jordan, whether political, economic or social, and highlighting Jordanian qualifications in an attempt to present them to the world, as a distinguished case among their peers in the Arab and Islamic countries.

The name Al-Yarmuk refers to the Al-Yarmuk River and the Al-Yarmuk battle (between Muslim forces and those of the Byzantine Empire in 636).