Game on: Xbox360, PS3 key platforms for online TV

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 08-11-2011

Online TV is certainly not just about TV on the PC: indeed research has found that game consoles are now the most popular device for US consumers to watch online content on their TV screens.
The survey data from the Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices (CHD) report, "Multiscreen Connected TV: Assessing Device Usage and Ownership", found that even though the PC remains the dominant screen for online viewing overall, the real end game is watching such content on the bigger screen and is a key driver of consumption of filmed entertainment delivered via IP.

Indeed it revealed that 12% of US households use game consoles, in particular the PlayStation3 (PS3) and Xbox, to watch online content: more than the percentage of US households that transfer video over HDMI to connected devices principally TVs.
Furthermore, the analyst also found that almost two-thirds (65%) weekly Xbox 360 users under the age of 25 access online TV shows and movies primarily via games consoles. This is a considerably larger percentage than those using desktop or notebook PC screens.
"These findings indicate significant levels of consumer demand for such services. The upcoming Xbox TV launch for the holiday season will demonstrate an expansion of the partnership between the games consoles and the online TV and video industries," commented Jia Wu, Senior Analyst. Games consoles have already become the key media hub in US households."