Uruguay pay-TV inches forward

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 07-11-2011

The pay-TV market in Uruguay has shown slow half-yearly growth according to its Regulatory Unit of Communication Services (URSEC).
The report on the "Evolution of the Telecommunications Sector in Uruguay - Statistic Data up to June 2011," revealed that shows that a 2% growth has propelled the pay-TV market to 526,700 subscribers, 38.8% of all households nationwide, by the end of June 2011, about 35,000 households more than those recorded in December 2010.
By region, pay-TV services in Montevideo reach 44% of all households, while in the rest of the country penetration climbs up to 56%. By company, the top pay-TV companies in Montevideo are Cablevisión (26%), Nuevo Siglo (22%), TTC (22%), Montecable (22%) and Multiseñal (8%).
The URSEC report also shows that the leading national operators are Cablevisión (11%), Nuevo Siglo (9%), Montecable (9%), TCC (9%), DIRECTV Uruguay (8%), Consorcio San Fernando (4%), Cablevisión (3%), Cable Plus (3%), Cablevisión (3%) and Multiseñal (3%).