French homes keep taking the tablets

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 07-11-2011

Three quarters of French household possess at least one PC or netbook at home, a new study from GfK-Médiamétrie has revealed.
Such a market share, a rise of 2.1% over the year, is being said to exemplify the multi-equipment trend that is developing among French families.
The "Référence des équipements multimédias" was conducted among 22,000 representative French households and found that Internet access is what first motivates families to equip themselves, the study explains, as more than seven tenths of households are web connected now.
However, families are also more and more looking for mobility, and the study forecasts that 525,000 households are planning to buy a tablet in the six months from now, three times more than in 2010. But tablets are still considered as complementary to the PC.
7 million households, mostly with people above 65, still do not possess any PC or an internet access.