4 million connected TV sets in Germany

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 09-11-2011

Around 4 million hybrid TV sets which can be connected to the internet have been sold in Germany by now. That's the result of recent market research conducted by GfK on behalf of industry association BITKOM.
The figures show that every tenth household in Germany now has a connected TV set. Since their introduction in 2009, the monthly sales figures have considerably risen: In September 2011, around 226,000 connected TV sets were sold - almost 100,000 more than in September 2010.
However, the digital possibilities of the hybrid TV sets are currently not used much by consumers. Only 13% of the people owning such a device actually use it to actively go online. In comparison: 99% of computer owners surf the net with their laptop or PC. 27% of German households use smartphones or tablet-PCs to go online.
Regarding the future, almost all experts expect a development which can be compared to mobile phone usage: Internet-capable mobile phones have been on the market since 1999, but the actual break-through followed a few years later when content customised for mobile phones became available.
The development could be similar with television once the amount of video offerings on the internet tailor-made for TV screens has grown.