Discovery imagines how LatAm will be in 2111

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 09-11-2011

The documentary channel Discovery en Español is preparing to broadcast one of its most ambitious original productions to date.
Called 2111, the six-episode series explores how technology is likely to transform Latin America over the next 100 years, focusing on six different areas: architecture and urban planning; health and wellbeing; transportation and energy; daily life; work and education; and entertainment.
Taking as a reference a series of interviews with experts and futurologists specialised in these fields, the production uses the latest in 3D and computer generated imagery (CGI) to recreate real-life models of cities, houses, public spaces and future modes of transportation, blending them into today's Latin America.
Narrated by Mexican journalist Idzi Dutkiewicz, the series will air every Saturday evening across Latin America and the United States (in the Hispanic version of the channel), starting on November 19.
While the series was filmed mainly in Japan, Korea, England, Spain and the United States, the images will depict 2111 life in the cities of Mexico D.F., Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.
Through the involvement of the Discovery Solutions division of the company, the computer generated graphics aspect was used to provide advertising opportunities. As a result, each episode will include embedded into its CGI ads from companies such as American Airlines, Samsung, Oracle, Bridgestone and FedEx.
Co-directed by Michela Giorelli, Rafael Rodríguez and Irune Ariztoy, the Discovery en Español production was assisted by GP Media Productions.