Mobile TV gains popularity with South Africa's smartphone users

Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 10-11-2011

A new report from Google reveals 50% of South Africa's smartphone users watch at least one video on their smartphones each month, 49% watch TV on their smartphone, and 35% would prefer to give up TV than their smartphone.
YouTube is the most popular destination for video watching, with 64% of South African smartphone users visiting the Google owned digital video site.
"Good data on smartphone users is hard to come by. Good data that enables companies to make data-driven decisions on how to engage with consumers on their smartphones is even harder to come by. We are now launching a new resource to address that need. Now anyone — marketer, app developer, tech geek, big or small — can answer the questions they have about smartphone users in South Africa — for free," said Brett St Clair, head of mobile, Google South Africa.
RIM's BlackBerry has the largest market share of smartphones in Africa at 44%, followed by Nokia with 27%, according to the Google data. Consumers are primarily using their smartphones at home, with browsing (56%) and emailing (57%) said to be the two most popular internet-based pass times.
The majority of users said they indulged in cross media usage along with their smartphones, with 62% also listening to music, 49% using the internet on a PC or other device, and 49% also watching TV.
About 63% of South Africa's smartphone users also access social networks each day via their mobile devices, with Facebook – at 95% for both mobile and fixed access – the country's leading social media destination.