BBC Trust assures availability of content on non-BBC platforms

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 10-11-2011

The BBC Trust has offered guarantees that the corporation’s on-demand programmes and content will be readily accessible on non-BCC platforms such as cable, digital and satellite TV, mobile phones and game consoles.
In its revised syndication policy, the BBC Trust has set out a number of principles with which all BBC syndication arrangements must comply, fundamentally assuring that licence fee payers have easy and timely access to the full range of BBC on-demand content. Furthermore the Trust mandates that BBC content is easily identifiable and is subject to editorial control by the BBC, available in what the Trust calls “appropriate places and contexts”.

Most significantly given the upsurge in online video, the Trust maintains its view that the interests of licence fee payers will usually best be served by securing access to the full range of BBC content on other platforms and devices within a BBC 'environment' such as the iPlayer. However, the Trust now accepts that it has to adopt a more flexible approach and that circumstances may occasionally arise that justify special arrangements that depart from this model.
Explained BBC Trust Vice-Chair Diane Coyle: "Licence fee payers should be able to find BBC on-demand content available on lots of different platforms, but this has to be done in a way that gives value for money and satisfies some basic principles to ensure that BBC content serves the public as it is meant to."
A consultation will now run until 21 December 2011 and the final policy is expected to be published in early 2012.