Czech Republic eyes DVB-T2 options

05.23 Europe/London, November 10, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

The Czech national transmission company Radiokomunikace would prefer to use DVB-T2 to distribute pay rather than FTA channels, according to the company’s CEO Kamil Levinsky.
Quoted by Digizone, he added that pay-TV delivered by DVB-T2 would be more user friendly than that currently offered by cable or satellite, with viewers being able to buy a decoder or pre-paid card simply by going to a supermarket or newsagent.
Radiokomunikace was undertaking DVB-T2 in Bohemia up until the end of last month and they are still in progress in the capital, Prague.
Although it would like DVB-T2 services to reach 60% of the population next year and to distribute the London Olympics in HD, it has yet to reach an agreement on broadcasting rights.
Moreover, it has not yet received permission from the Czech Telecom Office (CTU) to continue DVB-T2 trials next year.
To do so will require an amendment to electronic communications legislation.