OPTA: no open access to cable TV
07.22 Europe/London, November 11, 2011 By Robert Briel

The Dutch telecoms authority has notified the European Commission of its draft assesment of the Dutch television market. The regulator sees no need to open up the cable newtorks to third party resellers.

The Commission has four weeks to respond, after which OPTA will publish its final assessment on the subject of television.

At the end of June 2011, OPTA published its draft opinion for the regulatory period 2012 to 2014. During a period of eight weeks interested parties could make their views heard on the draft opinion by written submissions.

The regulator also organised hearings with several parties. OPTA said it received views from CAIW, KPN, Tele2, T-Mobile, UPC, Vodafone, YouCa, Your.TV and Ziggo.

OPTA has studied these views and gives its response in the ‘Memorandum of Findings’. Based on the views, OPTA sees no reason for fundamental changes to the draft opinion. Consumers can choose from increasingly diverse television offers and actually take them on.

By the continuing digitalisation, the continued deployment of fibre and the ‘upgrade’ of the copper network for DSL services, the television market is becoming increasingly competitive.

These observations lead to the decision to not regulate the television market. OPTA is based on the views some explanations added or refined. These include the (declining) importance of analogue television and the application of the so-called three-criteria test of the European Commission.