Australian free TV audiences hit seven-year high

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 11-11-2011

Industry body Free TV Australia has claimed more people are tuning in to free-to-air television this year, with higher increases in regional areas than in the cities. 

According to the report, 14.3 million people in Australia watch free-to-air television every day, a figure Free TV says is a seven-year high.

 Average audiences across the day increased 4.7% in urban markets while regional markets saw a 10.2% rise. Average audiences in the peak evening viewing period increased 5.5% in urban areas and 13% in regional areas.
Free-to-air share of viewing in the evenings increased from 65.8% to 67.1% in urban areas and from 64.5% to 67.6% in regional areas.
Free TV Australia director of marketing Rhonda Brown said: "Even with the range of entertainment and information options available today, viewers are still tuning in to commercial free-to-air television in huge numbers, with each of the top 40 programs every week consistently garnering at least one million viewers."