German music TV rolls out to Poland

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 11-11-2011

German music TV channel Deutsches Musik Fernsehen wants to expand its distribution in international markets. A long-term contract was signed with Katowice-based distribution agent TV Pasja to reach the fans of German-language music in Poland.
The partner's main mission will be to boost carriage of the channel on Polish cable networks.
"Our channel has already been available on some Polish cable networks for several years," managing director Jürgen R. Grobbin said in Delmenhorst near Bremen. "With TV Pasja, we will have professional marketing in Poland for the first time. There is strong demand for German-language music especially in the North (Pomerania) and in the South (Silesia)."
TV Paja specialises in the commercialisation of foreign-language channels in Poland. In addition to Deutsches Musik Fernsehen, the company is working, for example, for RTL, Sat.1, TVE and Fashion One.