Kabel BW boosts pay-TV subs

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 11-11-2011

Germany's third-largest cable operator Kabel BW has won further customers for its quadruple play services in the past 9 months. The strongest growth was achieved in the pay-TV segment.
On 30 September 2011, Kabel BW had 353,000 pay-TV subscribers - an increase by 36% compared with one year ago. The Heidelberg-based company attributes the growth to its own pay-TV package "Mein TV", the collaboration with Sky and its large HD line-up comprising 40 channels.
The number of internet and telephony customers climbed by 25% to a total of 779,000. Almost every third cable TV customer now also uses internet and telephony from Kabel BW, resembling the highest share of all German cable operators.
76,000 customers have signed up for the mobile network services offered by Kabel BW. One year ago, the newly launched product had just 1,000 customers.