Virdual adds 3D to cross-media developments

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 11-11-2011

French broadcast technology firm Virdual, formerly 3D 2+, is partnering with producers and broadcasters to promote its 3D cross-media platform.
Providing technical solutions to create interactive Web/TV programmes, and along with French producer Barejo, Virdual is talking with two European channels to develop kids 8’ TV game show Meet Your Star.
A pilot will also be produced on early 2012 after being given green light by a French kid channel. Meet Your Star is a massively multiplayers TV-Internet game show where real stars ask questions about themselves to 3D virtual candidates on stage. On the web, kids can also play along using their own avatars.
“This game show targets the 8-12 demo, and allows broadcasters to use on-screen the community of avatars kids are creating on their website,” Virdual CEO Stéphane Gaultier explained.
Virdual’s savoir-faire mixes virtual reality and real world, and aims at transforming the TV audience into a web audience, without TV loses its grip on viewers.
“Reality and virtual reality are working together to bring back web users within the environment of a TV programme. That’s what TV channels are straining to do but it often goes against the TV show itself,” Gaultier added.
With partner Barejo, Virdual is also preparing a dating cross-media show called Rendez-Vous, also based on avatars. And it hopes to licence next year outside France, new kids game show Air Show, based on lipdub videos loaded online, and produced with PMMP.
Besides game shows, Virdual’s cross-media approach can be applied to interactive magazines, documentaries and animated series. Two years ago, the company had thus created the online interactive and virtual world Linus & Boom Club, developed after Lagardčre’s TV series Linus & Boom (France 3, Canal j).