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Thread: I really need help! Matrix Reborn.

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    I really need help! Matrix Reborn.

    Hi there, Hope someone can help me.

    I've got a Matrix Reborn CAM, bought a PCMCIA slot for my computer, and am trying to reprogram / update the card, at the moment, the card is not recognised by my Satellite Receiver.

    I have also downloaded "UCAS downloader V1.3" and loads of ".upd files" for the Matrix Reborn, but when I select the loader program, the correct PCMCIA slot and the file and click "download now", I always get the message "sorry there was an error while dowloading, please re-insert the CAM". I am desperate to get this to work. What file upd should I be loading????


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    Re: I really need help! Matrix Reborn.

    Start with the original file from or your cam is defect.

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    Re: I really need help! Matrix Reborn.

    My friend, I do have the same problem and couldn’t resolve it threw the indicated website.

    Could you resolve the problem? If yes, how did you do it?

    Thanks for your help

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