WLAN network is used as the image of friends.
TSPANEL red button
green key plug-in list (plugins)
CCcam info keys are the long green.
seting seting an additional 12 satellite were used. Bouquets of the pictures shown.
****** Hacksat installed. Türçeleştirlmiştir TELETEXT.
parental password is 4321.

Public service scanner ------  channel search
Gunuine dreambox ---  device that checks the original.
Webmedia ---------  add-on device on the sites, movies, series watch, music you can listen to the media plugin.
----  channel epg shows Epgrefresh URLs. Refreshes.
Holding down the esc key ---  show clock time and date appears on the right side of
Holding down the arrow key to zap ---  Virtual Infobar can see which programs are looked at on the other channels. Watched the channel will continue to work on the main screen.
---  plugin for VLC to watch tv movies on the computer.
Biss CCcam  --- ntv-Photos, Videos, and so on. match the password that opens when
Writes to dvd burn dvd- records
I dream of Merlin and Merlin Music Player - listen to your music files 
Watch youtube videos on your device by entering a MyTube ---  downloadable add-on
As you can see the time- adındada children in pursuing their times of children's TV set.
Tspanel -  plug-in, skin (interface), and the device and the device can manage to find other products that require a plug-in programs.
Weather - Weather plug-in 
Dm-cinema -  a downloadable add-on to your movie. Of course a certain site.
View Picture -  plugin displays the picture.
Nstreamplayer plugin -  player iptv