Caracol TV pushes for original productions

Iñaki Ferreras | 14-11-2011

Colombia's national private broadcaster Caracol TV has committed to make original productions of its own, planning to produce more premieres and format adaptations.

Throughout 2011 the network has delivered a number of successful programmes, including 'Infiltrados', which was the first Colombian venture into the crime genre that aired until last week on BE-TV; Dago Garcías's production 'El Secretario'; a production by Ana Piñeres's company CMO titled 'La Promesa'; and season two of 'Los Caballeros las prefieren brutas', which has only recently premiered.

As for entertainment formats, the company launched products like the Endemol format 'Yo me llamo' which has grabbed a 44% audience share, the highest-rated show. Other entertainment shows include 'El desafío', which has been on the air for seven years, 'Minute to Win' It by Sony Pictures Television, 'En sus marcas, listos', ya, an adaptation of the Argentine format '1,2,3, A ganar', 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' hosted or 'The Price Is Right' broadcast right after the news.

In other broadcast TV networks across Latin America, such as in Peru, Chile or Mexico. Entertainment formats have gradually started to take the place of telenovelas. Furthermore, the audience is showing a growing interest in entertainment formats according to the channel's executives.

The broadcaster's grid is further enhanced by deals signed with distribution companies like Telemundo Internacional for the premieres of hit shows such as 'Los Herederos del Monte' and 'The Queen of the South' by production company RTI.