FORTA provides Tedial's Amigo content service

Iñaki Ferreras | 14-11-2011

The Spanish association of public broadcasting networks and Federation of Spanish Regional Television Channels (FORTA), covering 12 regions across the country, has installed Tedial’s Media Amigo cloud-based platform.

Tedial is a provider of Media Asset Management (MAM), Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) and Business Process Management (BPM) software and its Media Amigo solution allows content to be shared between each broadcaster in the association across all their respective sites.

Each site can have independent systems that use different technology, vendors, metadata models and file formats that are not mutually compatible. To enable the sharing of content each broadcaster subscribes to specific content types or relevant media groups. Once video and non-video files become available they are automatically delivered to subscribers in their own working format. Users can also search for media already made available in the system and request copies of it.

The platform uses media tools to carry out on-the-fly file processing that may be required for the recipient, including codecs, wrappers and aspect ratio. This is claimed to guarantee media compatibility for each subscriber.
To enable the sharing of media, FORTA acquired a dedicated IP network connection between FORTA Central System in Madrid of 1 Gbps, and each of the affiliated broadcasters of 100 Mbps. This provides the means for the automatic delivery of media files using the subscription service.