SRG to launch 6 HD channels in 2012

Jörn Krieger ©RapidTVNews | 15-11-2011

Swiss public broadcaster SRG will transmit six of its regular domestic TV channels in high-definition via satellite from 29 February 2012. The channels are planned to remain available in standard-definition in parallel until the end of 2015.
The upcoming HD channels are SF 1, SF 2, TSR 1, TSR2, RSI LA 1 and RSI LA 2. In addition to the satellite distribution on Hot Bird (13° East) the services will be carried on cable and IPTV networks in Switzerland, in most cases in the digital basic packages without additional charge.
Over 75% of all Swiss TV households currently own an HD TV set, according to SRG. More than 35% of households actually receive HDTV channels through an HD set-top-box or a TV set with an integrated HD receiver. The figure is twice as high as at the end of 2007 when SRG launched its showcase channel HD suisse which screens programmes from all SRG channels in high resolution.
With the HD launch of the regular SRG channels, HD suisse will be closed down on 31 January 2012. Viewers will then be able to watch the programmes currently aired directly on the individual SRG HD channels.