DISH serves up Facebook app to spread Blockbuster word

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 15-11-2011

DISH Network has launched a Facebook app to hawk its Blockbuster Movie Pass bundle, which offers online streaming of the Blockbuster portfolio for an additional fee on top of a monthly subscription.
The app is a window into Dish’s "Celebration" ad campaign for Blockbuster Movie Pass, offering outtakes and different camera views from the commercials. The app also allows friends to share and comment on the outtakes.
The satellite TV operator lost 111,000 subscribers in the third quarter and needs to do something to bolster its proposition in the market. After acquiring the struggling Blockbuster at auction for $320 million, it went on to launch a Netflix competitor. With the new service, Blockbuster subscribers can stream the video, order DVDs by mail or exchange/rent videos at one of the few remaining brick-and-mortar stores, video to your PC, a By-Mail DVDs and games rental service, the ability to exchange unlimited numbers of DVDs and games at local participating Blockbuster retail stores.
No word on how well the uptake has been, but turning to social media could be an imperative to spread the word virally, cutting down on marketing cost