Developers flock to Kindle Fire as connected TV interest wanes

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 15-11-2011

Just as Amazon’s proposed iPad killer the Kindle Fire launched a day early embedded with Hulu Plus among a wide array of video, it has already become the leading Android tablet for developers.
This is the stand out finding of joint research by Appcelerator, a provider of integrated mobile platforms for native and HTML5 mobile web applications, and IDC, of 2,160 Developers which also saw Kindle Fire interest on par with iPad in April 2010 and Microsoft leveraging its Nokia partnership to move ahead of RIM to challenge Apple.

The survey showed the huge expectation on the Kindle Fire to be a success, showing that the product had even before launch outgunned the Samsung Galaxy Tab as the number one most popular Android Tablet in North America., IDC says that such developer interest matches that shown for the iPad prior to its launch in April 2010, and second only to the Galaxy Tab globally with developers.

Appcelerator and IDC found in January 2011 that among developers price was the single most important factor for Android Tablets to compete successfully against the iPad. Right now developers cite price again as the leading reason for interest in the Kindle Fire. The respondents in the survey regard Amazon’s rich content ecosystem, Appstore, target demographic, and eCommerce integration as the key reasons for interest. Considering Kindle Fire’s potential drawbacks, fragmentation and lack of features like camera and geo-location were the two top concerns cited by developers.
In another interesting trend, interest in connected TV app development continued to slide. In late 2010, 44% of developers were said to be very interested in developing for Google TV yet even with a second version announced in October 2011, current interest is less than half of this figure. By comparison, Apple TV however saw a similar decline from 40% to its present 27%.
"The third major mobile OS after iOS and Android is now clearly Windows, driven largely by the Microsoft / Nokia partnership and underscored by the new Nokia Lumia 800," said Scott Ellison, VP Mobile & Connected Consumer Platforms at IDC. "Amazon has shown exceptional early success in appealing to developers with the Kindle Fire, showing that price and differentiation are keys to competing in the crowded Android tablet space, rather than simply chasing the iPad market."