UK broadband users express strong interest in IPTV Services

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 15-11-2011

In what will come as very good news for UK ISPs about to launch TV services, a survey by ISPreview has found the majority of broadband users are interested IPTV services.
The survey of 590 end users, one of many carried out by the organisation on behalf of ISPs, forum that 29% were "Very" interested and 28% had "Average" interest in IPTV and a further 47.2% admitted to already having some form of pay-TV service.

Giving ISPs valuable feedback as to the nature of any IPTV services that they may offer, affordable price emerged as the key criterion with 35.9% rating this as the top issue, followed by good content (28.1%), service performance/support (17.9%) and, surprisingly given the criticism that IPTV services have attracted to date, video quality by 17.9%.
Indeed, ISPreview even alludes to the opinion that the UK's broadband infrastructure is currently far from ideal for such services.It says; “any new IPTV product is bound to require a good internet connection, which is something that a significant portion of consumers simply do not have.” The company also warns that IPTV and related services will also eat a lot of bandwidth and any ISP offering such a product will need to ensure that they have adequate capacity and can provide an exception for IPTV traffic.

ISPreview also warns ISPs that any perceived growth and business opportunities may be compromised by the fact that many devices, such as internet connected TV's and games consoles, already come with limited video and TV streaming solutions built-in. This, in addition to fierce competition from satellite and cable TV operators, could make it far harder for IPTV operators to deliver an attractive proposition, ISPreview said.