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Thread: MVision & Radegast

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    MVision & Radegast

    Has anyone had success at connecting MVision 9080 to radegast server ?

    Thanks for your help .

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    Re: MVision & Radegast

    Iam search now for 1 week but no info about net-setuo (dream-net, privat-net). I make myself a radegast server to test the 9080 Net but i put all (server, gate, ect.) but when i push the autorisation-button then notting happend so.............. I think we must wait untill somebody help us but........ it seems that not so mutch people have this box......

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    Re: MVision & Radegast

    Well I make it work, but not to the extent I wanted. (I wanted it to work with a ird2 card but it did only with a viaccess one.)

    (To MonicaNeyra : Try to setup the radegast server without authorisation)

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