Fuji TV protests at China adapting show without permission

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 16-11-2011

Japan's Fuji TV has filed a complaint after an unauthorised stage version of its popular TV drama Tokyo Love Story was shown in China without permission.
It sent a letter of protest, citing copyright infringement, to Jinhui Art, which was running the musical in Shanghai. Fuji TV says the company was claiming the production was “Co-sponsored by Fuji Television Network" and "Supported by The Japanese Consulate in Shanghai."
Tokyo Love Story was a smash hit when it was first shown on Fuji TV in 1991, and became a huge success in China as well, when it was broadcast there in 1995.
Fuji TV has asked for a formal explanation of Jinhui Art’s actions, and says it will consider further legal action depending on the response from the Shanghai company.