ESPN3 joins Cablevisión

Juan Pablo Conti ©RapidTVNews | 17-11-2011

Sports channel ESPN3 has been incorporated into the digital line-up of Cablevisión, Argentina's largest cable TV operator.
For the time being, the channel is not available to analogue subscribers.
The news comes only three weeks after Fox Sports Latinoamérica, ESPN's main rival in the regional market for sports programming, had managed to equal the number of channels (three) that ESPN had available on Cablevisión.
Back then, Fox Sports+ was added to the Fox Sports and Fox Sports HD channels that Cablevisión was carrying. Now, the News Corporation subsidiary goes back to trailing its rival by one channel, with the Walt Disney Company-owned network having ESPN, ESPN+, ESPN HD and the new ESPN3 available to Cablevisión's digital subscribers.

ESPN3 has been exclusively designed for Spanish-speaking Latin American audiences, targeting mainly young viewers. Among the programmes already scheduled for next year are live coverage of the London 2012 Olympics and live European football matches from the UEFA Champions League tournament.