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Thread: Programmer for Celebrocard

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    Programmer for Celebrocard

    What do i need to program the celebro card?
    I found a programmer which only works with usb, not serial.
    The programmer works in
    3.58, 3.68, 6 MHz
    I wanna hack the pw channels with the celbro card and that programmer.
    Is it possible with that
    Infinity Smartmouse USB?
    I dont wanna use a Serial Programmer.
    the link is here:

    and another question by the way

    Which channels can i encrypt with a technisat digit mf4s (BlueZetaCAM)?
    And which cards do i need? (maybe for etc.)

    To everyone in here i would be very thankfull for helping me.

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    Re: Programmer for Celebrocard

    If I read the 'README.txt' File that normaly comes with the Cerebro Files / Loader correctly. You have to use a Pheonix Mode that supports 3.57(9)Mhz,. So that would be 3.58Mhz for you. Anything higher and you'll likeliy toast your Card.

    As for a 'Technisat digit m4s' What is that a STB?
    AS for decoding Cryptoworks (i.e. Easy.TV), You would need an Opps Card IIRC. A better CAM would be the Dragon / T-Rex though that could decrypt thoses Channels, plus a few more that are in Cryptoworks, Scea-Mediagurd, Viaacess and if the keys ever should become public again Premiere.

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