Maxvar DM500s 18.11.2011

What is New
-New bootlogo
-dvb subtitling fixed
-Support for plaintext subtitles added
-some bugs in cvs Fixed

image Specification:

Marwensat2.2 Technical Infos: * Enigma of: 17.11.2011 * Linux version 2.6.9 * GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS * Web Interface: Expert * Busybox 1.0.1 * Tuxtxt v. 1.109 * MaxVAR Function Buttons: * BLUE - Smart Panel * BLUE > 1s - ECM INFO, EMM INFO e PID INFO * 2x BLUE - Addons * YELLOW – Plugins * YELLOW > 1s – CS Info * GREEN – subservices * RED - EPG list for active channel Features: what's New in Marwensat2.2 ? *New bootlogo *dvb subtitling fixed *Support for plaintext subtitles added *some bugs in cvs Fixed * you can show ECM info in OSD *add support for Emu Scam *add New Driver * egauge fixed * Turn off progress_bar for eventview * Turn off progress_bar for channel list * Independent Start & Stop CARDSERVER * Advanced Inadyn service configuration, with log manager * Setting PVR Movie folder * Picon support included in Enigma (see var/etc/icon) * Timeshift fixed *you can disable Service name update *Zapstream vlc and Web-x-tv Fixed * Skin preview fixed * Languages:Arabic; English; french; italian * Advanced external programs control * Can start / stop your own binary by panel (see /var/etc/ * Can create your own autostart boot script (see /var/etc/ * Advanced User Script * Can run script in kernel mode * Automount (see /var/script/ * Advanced System info (see /var/etc/script.xml) * Advanced emu info (see /var/etc/emuscript.xml) * Parental control shortcut * emm, ecm support Plugins: * Start/Stop Ngrab * games Display Function: * New Skin BlackRedline By Marwen * Display Snr, Agc, Ber * Display video info * Display frequency, polarization, symbol rate * Display service providers name * Display CaID, ProvID, PID * Display DC as IRDETO in OSD * Display long date format Addons: * Advanced addons Manager - Emus,Plugins,Locale,Picon,Skins * Internet addons download with Proxy support * Manual addons install * Remove installed addons No emu, No keys included --------------------------------------------------------- Compiled with Ubuntu by Marwen

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