Spain's thematic DTT channels gain 24% share

Iñaki Ferreras | 18-11-2011

Thematic DTT channels in Spain have grown to capture a 24% share according to EGEDA, the country’s Rights Management Association for audiovisual producers.
In general the country's DTT channels ended 2010 with a market share of 18.5% and traditional broadcasters got a market share of 70.9%. By contrast satellite and cable pay-TV channels reached 7%.

One of the conclusions of these figures is the evolution of historical channels to the thematic, supported by multichannel in-the-clear offerings and also growth of specialised contents.

As for the most popular thematic channels EGEDA pinpointed TVE's Clan TVE with 3.2% of share, followed by Antena 3's Neox with 2.2% of share and Disney Channel with 2.1% of share. On the other hand there are the pay-DTT most popular channels which are Sony's AXN and News Corporation's Fox, both with 0,4% of share.

As for the traditional in-the-clear national channels the most popular one is TVE's La 1 with 16% of share, followed by Mediaset España's Telecinco with 14,6% and Grupo Planeta's Antena 3 with 11,7%.