Sky Brazil has already recorded 750,000 HD subscribers

Over the course of DirecTV Latin America’s third quarter results presentation, the President of the company, Bruce Churchill, stated that Sky Brazil relies on about 750,000 HD subscribers, and that the 60% of new HD users recorded during the quarter were already existing clients of the operator added to such platform.

As of September, Sky Brazil informed the National Telecommunications Agency 3,45 million subscribers. Therefore, its HD subscriber base account for the 21.71% of the total. Sky Brazil relies on one of the greatest HD offers in Latin America. According to what has been disclosed in its web page, its HD platform relies on 39 channels: 29 Pay-TV channels and some additional 10 free-to-air channels incorporated by means of an off-air-tuner.

Churchill stated that, in Brazil, the sale of advanced products, which include HD and DVR, more than doubled as compared with the previous year. Unlike what happens in PanAmericana division, DVR is not commercialized in SD in Brazil; therefore, the offer of advanced products only includes HD.

According to the executive, if both regions are considered -PanAmericana and Brazil- advanced products account for the 15% of new consumers, a 20% fall as compared with the previous year, due to the growth recorded in other packages for the media segment of the market. Churchill also stated that advanced product subscribers amount to about 2 million of the more than 7 million subscribers in Latin America (such figure does not include Sky Mexico data subscribers).

DirecTV Latin America owns about the 93% if Sky Brazil, the 41% of Sky Mexico and the 100% of PanAmericana, which covers Argentina, the Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Uruguay.