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Thread: I am new to all this

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    Talking I am new to all this

    I am new to all this. I have a funcard a programmer and am trying to de-code Spanish canal digital. Where do I start are the keys available How do I program the card. Where can I go to get help....Everyone has to start somewhere!!!!!!

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    Borring,. but I too live in Zion

    Re: I am new to all this

    you came to the right place cause help is here
    and comming you way.
    Sorry D+ on Hispasat are the same keys they use on the Hot bird
    and Astra and are not availeble for now.
    A card programme helps, but AES keys can also be inserted by remote
    ( talking Multivision).
    Things changes every day so my advice is.....
    stay on top off things and read as much as you can

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    Re: I am new to all this

    Hay Morpheus, since when D+ ever on Hotbird? I thought it was only on 30w (Hispasat) and 19.2e (Astra),. In anycase you're correct about it useing the same key(s) over Two different locations though.

    hocklycolbran, Your Fun Card is about this side of useless at the moment, given that D+ and co. are useing Narga2 You would need a Card that could do RSA as well as the day-to-day Keys, and the Fun Card just can no do that. As far as I know.

    In any event D+ is just not oopen right now, and no one knows for certin just when it might return.

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    Re: I am new to all this

    Thank you....Is there anything I can get with it I only have astra at 28 and 19 coming into my house

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