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    Latest TSpanel

    TSpanel 4.1 complete refrence for enigma2 box user

     -added new addons server dreambox packages from oozoon image server
     -removed ferrari addons server from default servers
     -Due to incompatibility of TSpanel with ferrari addons manager the   later uninstalled automatically during TSpanel installation,still   ferrari users can use TSpanel by installation of attached   TSpanel-ferrari useraddons.ipk,TSpanel offers more options to user than   unupdated ferrari addons manager 
     -Fix minor bugs in spinner preview
     -fix lsk addons server source url
    copy attached file to /tmp
    by telnet
                                                 opkg install -force-overwrite   /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-tspanel_4.1_mipsel.ipk                        
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